Barr? Trump, Queen, King, 1776! Coincidences Flying Everywhere! Let’s Go! Pray! - And We Know


For too long now. We have allowed our society to be taken over by delusional, ungodly, unrepentant, liars. Christians must rise up and take our country back to God’s Way. Unrelenting truth! Uncompromising truth! Drive them all out! Now! VOTE!

IMO, anyone who votes for a democrat or rino this next election is complicit in our countries destruction and are helping sell us into communism. Bill Barr is beyond a disappointment. His sins will catch up with him if he turns out to be a black hat.

My heart is heavy everyday . All my family took the jab. I feel nauseous most days knowing what I know. They wouldn’t believe before and they wont now . Sweet Jesus help my family and all the families suffering with the jab deaths an injuries. 😢🙏

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