The Barron Trump Prophecy — Robin Bullock From 2018

 I believe I first became aware of Robin Bullock in 2020, perhaps 2019.

But of course he’s not new.

He’s been around doing his thing for a long time, and I love when he posts older videos showing prophecies fulfilled.

I especially love anything about Barron Trump because we know so little about him.

And I’m ok with that…he’s a kid and he deserves privacy.

But he’s actually not so little any more….

Did you know he’s now almost 7FT tall?


But what I want to focus on here is several prophecies given by Robin Bullock about Barron, some dating back to 2018.

I had never heard these before and I suspect many of you have not either.

Big things are in store for Barron…supernatural things, even, says Bullock.

Watch here:

And now if you want to blow your mind a little more, have you seen this?

I don’t even know what to say about this other than it’s real and even Snopes who hates to admit anything honest admits this is real.

How is this even possible?

Read all the details here:

The Barron Trump Chronicles: The Last President…Admitted TRUE By Snopes!

and you say ? 

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