Wrap Up: Juan O'Savin, 11/8 Surge! Nancy Pelosi Arrest! Elon Twit Purge! (Video)


November is judge!! Midterms get stalled?! Loads of arrests!! Brazil sets for martial law/Election fraud exposed!

Pelosi replaced? Pelosi hammer trauma is false flag and com! Biden to be impeached or 25th amendment? Maralago stage set for trump arrest? Netanyahu !! Martial law activation next? Virus and vax lies! Putin holds Nuremberg tribunals … Is destroying CIA /NATO funded bio weapons!

Yes….Election possible delay! Vote on election day!!! Have 2-3 months food/ Water/ Cash!. God is running the show.

Banks should all have new us note or gold -backed currency. U.S RV still on hold. World governments taken down…Movie! Defend your rights against the Jab!!

IRS and taxes totally illegal!. Media being infiltrated by good guys.

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