What happened to the Canadian Truckers?

 The Canadian convoy heroes appear to be scrubbed from the net.  All of the media coverage fell off in February.  Aside from Rebel News, a Canadian alternative news site, there doesn’t seem to be anyone interested in their plight at the moment.

The official convoy website (freedomconvoycanada.com) tells you all you need to know.  It’s shutdown.  Looks like the web hosting provider suspended their account.

You won’t hear much from the Canadian convoy leadership either.  According to their attorney, Keith Wilson, they’ve been released from custody but are under oppressive gag orders by the court.

Tamara Lich, President of the convoy, was reportedly held 19 days in jail as a political prison for her leadership role in the convoy.

Here’s footage of her arrest on February 17:

In the video below, Mr. Wilson also confirms the court ordered Tamara off of all social media.  He also indicates the court further prohibits her from publicly advocating anything about covid-19 or supporting the truckers.

And not surprising, Mr. Wilson is defending them from prosecutors who have ratcheted up the criminal charges.

What may surprise you in this video is that the donor funds are still under attack.

Recall that a groundswell of support and donations for the convoy initially landed at GoFundMe.com.  Then GoFundMe blocked the funds it received and threated to disburse them to charities of its choosing.

Supporters turned to GiveSendGo for help.   More than 100,000 donations totaling $9 million poured in according to site.

But then GiveSendGo suffered a malicious cyber hack.  The hacker accessed and released raw data of convoy donor identities and then froze the GiveSendGo site.  Some of these donors lost their jobs, including an Ontario official that made a $100 donation to the convoy.

The individual credited with the hack is Aubrey Cottle.   CAUTION:  this twitter clip is laden with profanity, but it’s worth listening to Mr. Cottle in his own words.

Rebel News goes on to report that Mr. Cottle has stated he hacked GiveSendGo with approval of Canadian authorities.

The donations had to get through threatened misappropriation by GoFundMe and then a cyber attack by Mr. Cottle.  Now the Ontario government is trying to confiscate $1.3 million of those funds according to Mr. Wilson.

He also states the attorney general is alleging those donations are proceeds of a crime and are to be used for illegal activities if not confiscated by the Ontario government.

Watch the Mr. Wilson’s interview below for the most current update I could find on our friends in Canada:

Ezra Lavant and Rebel News, thank you for shining a light on the current situation.   Mr. Keith thank you for taking on this fight. And to the truckers in Canada and the USA thank you for demonstrating courage and giving the world hope.

Check out Christine Anderson’s speech below.  She’s a German politician with a high opinion of the truckers and a low opinion of Trudeau.


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