Trump Will Announce His Presidential Run This Month, Here’s Exactly When…


After teasing about running for the last year and a half President Trump is expected to announce his official Presidential bid this month.

For the last year, Trump has hinted on several occasions that he’s going to run for office and now two of his top aides have confirmed that Trump will make his official presidential bid on November 14th.

The announcement would be just a week after the midterm results and a couple of days before his daughter Tiffany’s wedding.

CNN shared these details:

Top aides to former President Donald Trump have been eyeing the third week of November as an ideal launch point for his 2024 presidential campaign, sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Two sources said Trump’s team has specifically discussed November 14 as one possible announcement date, which would come less than a week after the midterm elections and just days after the former president’s youngest daughter Tiffany is due to be married at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

This person cautioned that no date has been locked in and Trump could move up his desired announcement date – or push it back – depending on how Republicans fare in the elections on Tuesday and the availability of venues.

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