Adrenochrome “Black Eye Club”‘s Secret Entirely Revealed!

 We elaborated on Black Eye Club’s topic before, especially when John Roberts was inducted.

But, we must share some background information for all those who don’t know anything about this theme. After we share these previous reports, you can continue to the video, giving too much information so that everything will be clear.

As we already know, once is happenstance, twice is a coincidence, so what can we say for the third time?
Or, what can we say about the dozen or two dozen?

We aren’t talking about the Clinton Kill List, but about the “Black Eye Club.”

Probably the majority of the population knows what I am talking about. But those who don’t know, please be ready to read mind-blowing info.

How many people do you know personally struggling with a black eye?

But that condition to be a huge black and blue shiner?

I don’t know anyone, to be honest.

But, for those influential political people and celebrities is so common.

Below you can take a look, and the view will shock you!

I have one question! Why is it always happening on the left side? And it is at the same spot?

Last year we showed you the latest inductee.

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts! Can you find the logic?

Maybe this is a huge coincidence, but perhaps it is something else.

What about today? We are in March 2021.

Can you guess who the newest member of the Black Eye Club is?

Well, it is Mittens Romney!
See below:

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