Tom Hanks (in Drag) Snuff Film Described in Horrific Graphic Detail, and Hanks' Military Tribunal and Execution Detailed by Military Personnel


Tom Hanks (In Drag) Snuff Film Described In Horrific Graphic Detail, And Hanks’ Military Tribunal And Execution Detailed By Military Personnel!!

This story has it all… how a talented actor was involved in the dark world of child abuse and human trafficking… was one of the first military arrests… was executed and replaced with a clone, who is now dying a quickening death. 

Remember the photos which appear to depict Hanks being arrested at the airport? 

Remember the photo with Oprah when he said he wasn’t allowed to talk? 

Remember the strange slew of institutional videos from Rita Wilson? Remember Tom Hanks’ bulge at his ankle suggesting ankle monitor? 

Remember Tom Hanks cgi videos? All of this suggests the military report IS truth!

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