Scott McKay & Megan Rose: This is Huge- Galactic Federation Tech/US Navy IS... Q Intel Operation (Video)

 Scott is joined by Megan Rose nd these 2 are dropping HUGE truth bombs and Intel about the US Navy, the Galactic Federation, and Major Q Intel Operations!!

Megan shares details about her abduction by a malevolent ET race led to her Galactic Federation rescue an ensuing interactions exposing the Cabal Takedown operations…

The summer is already hot and things are starting to happen..What will happen next? Check out what Scott and Megan have to share!

Scott McKay is the host/creator of “The Tipping Point” on Revolution.Radio in Studio B on Monday’s @ 8-10pm EST. He is also the creator of the Patriot Streetfighter podcast where the very first episode explaining the military operation behind the 2020 Presidential Election put him into YT censoring stardom as it went viral worldwide.

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