CLIF HIGH: Trump’s Return and the Reason Trump Pushed The Vaxx Finally Revealed?

 Longtime readers of WeLoveTrump know I’m a big Clif High fan.

I’ve been following his work since 2015 and I have seen him be incredibly accurate in his reports.

For example, back in 2017 he had a report that said Bitcoin would eventually rise up to $64,000 and then have the “$64,000 question” where it would pause, hesitate and the lose half it’s value.

Well, if you have been watching crypto this year, you know it just did EXACTLY that.

Almost to the penny.

Really wild stuff, and Clif wrote about it 4 years in advance.

For those of you who follow crypto and want to hear the next chapter in that story, Clif’s report said the next thing that would happen would be $100,000 Bitcoin parties!

So get ready.

But this article isn’t about crypto.

It’s about President Trump and when he will be RETURNING as President Trump.

It’s also about why in the world President Trump keeps pushing the vaxx.

It turns out there is a LOT more going on behind the scenes than most of us realize.

So please enjoy this wildly entertaining interview with Clif High where he talks about all of these topics and so much more.

You can watch it here on Rumble:

More from Clif….

Clif has beens saying that August is the month it all falls apart for the Biden “Administration” (and yes, I put that word in quotes).

Clif bases his statements on his “predictive linguistics” computer program, which has proven itself over the years and even over the past decade to be highly effective and accurate.

From USA Watchdog, here is a summary (and then scroll down to watch the full interview):

Clif High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events. High is an Internet data mining expert who has many well-documented correct predictions. His latest correct prediction was made last month here on USAWatchdog when he said the Biden door knocking campaign to harass people to take the CV19 injection would be “short lived” and “not to worry about it.” Sure enough, the door knocking campaign unceremoniously stopped, and the Biden Administration has morphed this into the “get vaxed or get fired” campaign. What does High say now? “Again, this is short lived, and it is a propaganda campaign and not a legal move. They don’t have the legal authority to do what they are trying to do. What they are attempting to do is scare as many of the herd past that point of hesitancy before the whole thing is shut down,” says Clif High.

What about the FDA fast track approval for the CV19 Vax? The Biden Administration has been saying the CV19 vax will go from “Emergency Use Authorization” (experimental) to FDA approved even with more reported deaths than all vaccinations combined. High says don’t buy this. The CV19 jabs will never be approved. Clif explains, “There are legal prohibitions with an Emergency Use Authorization product. This is not approved by the FDA. As much as they are talking about it, I don’t think it will ever be approved by the FDA. I don’t think events will get that far for a lot of different reasons. . . . This is a bluster. They are doing exactly what they did with the ‘get vaxed or get fired’ as they did with the ‘door to door’ campaign. This I know because of the nature of the linguistics that I run at its core for the emotional tension value of the data. I can tell you right now there is more mass and more energy in words that are anti-Covid vax than there are words and energy that are pro-Covid vax. This is a big problem for the mainstream media (MSM) as well as for the Biden regime. They probably are aware of what I am saying, and they realize they are underwater. If you polled, you would find that Covid is failing in the poll, and the vax is failing in the poll if you could get an accurate poll number. . . . This is a move of desperation on their part and not a move of strength.”

The U.S. Military just said all personnel will be forced to be vaccinated with the CV19 vax. Once again, High says, “The military will not be forcing a vax on our troops.” High predicted this on the day of our interview, and the next day the military said it will give exemptions to anyone who does not want to get vaxed. In other words, there will be no forced vaccinations. That’s another correct prediction by High. Cliff High says, in short, “Don’t get vaxed.”

Clif High says there has been a covert war going on between the Deep State globalists and our own military. High says it’s all about to spill over into the streets for all to see. High says, “The United States has been attacked. I am going to echo Donald Trump’s words and say it is a greater attack than we suffered at Pearl Harbor. It’s greater than 9/11. This attack has initiated a war. We are in that war now. . . .We are in a war that is going to bust out into the open such that everybody that lives in normal land will start to become aware of the massive amounts of things that have been hidden from them as well as the implications of this war. Our military is still occupied by the people that have infiltrated the United States. They came in and infiltrated, not invaded. . . . We have two Presidents, and we have two militaries.”

Clif High goes into deep detail about this covert war that is about to get put out in the open for all to see. High talks about Mike Lindell and says that he will be remembered as a hero for working so hard on exposing the national voter fraud issues. High says there was massive fraud going all the way down to the local levels. High will also talk about Bitcoin and will tell you where it is going as well as gold and silver. High will explain why the “election steal” had to go through. He will talk about more data with the harmful effects of the CV19 injections. High talks about the good and bad news with President Donald Trump being restored to the White House. High will also cover mass treason in the USA and why many may end up in jail or worse for treason for helping China attack America.

This is an all-encompassing interview about where America stands now and where it is going according to the data Clif High is digging up.

Watch the full interview here on Rumble:

Now let’s talk vaccine and your immune system….

The spike protein in the mRNA vaxx is extremely dangerous, Clif says.

Some have even said it is an engineered bioweapon.

Very scary.

Even people who trust vaccines or just regular “normies” who vote Democrat are starting to have their eyes opened by this vaccine as they personally experience horrible side effects or see friends and family members experience them.

Aside from the side effects, we all have heard about the “breakthrough cases” which really don’t seem very “breakthrough” anymore….they seem to be becoming the norm.

It doesn’t appear as though the vaccines are giving much protection against the co-vid at all, does it?

So let’s recap: you have something that may be very dangerous and it doesn’t seem to be very effective.

So why take an experimental “vaccine”?

And more importantly, what can be done if you took the poison jab without knowing all the consequences?

Is there any hope?

Can you restore and recover your immune system?

Can you fight off impending death from the spike protein?


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