Timothy Dixon: “People Get Ready…”

 I have a brand new Timothy Dixon video to show to you today….

Going back to his roots making a video in his truck!

Thankfully I think someone else is driving, so don’t worry about him.

I love these style of videos where it’s raw and just him speaking into the camera telling what dreams and visions he had.

This one is really powerful, and it’s way bigger than just President Trump coming back to his rightful seat as President.

So much bigger.

I loved the part when he says he heard the song “People Get Ready” playing….because there is a powerful train about to leave the station and it will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Get excited!

I’ve always loved that song and went back to listen to it again after hearing Timothy Dixon reference it.

I thought this version was especially good, isn’t this a beautiful rendition?

And now for Timothy’s message….

Here it is, and I recommend you watch the full thing start to finish.


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