Situation Update: Red October Arrests 3 Days!! Alleged Deformed Babies In Turkey From Jabbed Mothers!! Protests Becoming More Violent!! - We The People News


The enormous red flag of the vaccine is that Congress, FDA, NIH, CDC, Pfizer white house are exempt from taking vaccine!! Hello!!

And everyone crossing are border are not even offered the vaxx, or even being tested. You are 💯 right?

And the United State’s Postal Service is exempt as well. They helped with the election fraud and now this is pay for doing so. Wouldn’t want anyone in the USPS to rat them out.

People in southwest Virginia are so asleep it is sickening. All they watch is CNN and get brainwashed more.I don’t think they will ever change I am worried about our world. The sheep are going to take us all down.

I was telling people other day take off the mask they wanna control you one said they can’t control me i said you wearing the mask and a lady said well i’m vaccinated so that’s why i am not wearing mine the DEMONS got these people thinking that they are safe since they had the JAB. LOL

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