Robin Bullock’s Current Events Update: Hillary Clinton Is Next


Robin Bullock was on Elijah Streams yesterday giving his “Intelligence Briefing”.

And I love how Elijah Clips then takes the best moments and makes short little 5-15 minute clip videos you can watch quickly.

This short clip video is one I had to share with you.

It’s Robin explaining so many things….

1 – His secret meeting in New York City and how they tore down the stronghold of Ba’al over that city.

2 – An update on what happens next.

That’s where it got REALLY interesting because Steve asked Robin what we can expect to physically see happen next as a result of this victory in the spirit realm.

I thought it might have been kind of a generic answer, but it wasn’t.

Robin said very clearly that he expects we’ll see something very big happen next and it will directly involve Hillary Clinton.

Watch here:

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