VIDEO: Suspicious Black-Clad ‘Operatives’ Were First Ones Up Capitol Building Stairs On 1/6


Following reports regarding the presence of undercover federal law enforcement being embedded within the pro-Trump crowd on January 6, Gateway Pundit has released a video depicting what appears to be suspicious “black-clad military operatives” being the first to go up the stairs of the Capitol building.

Amid reports regarding the presence of undercover federal law enforcement being embedded within the pro-Trump crowd on January 6 before and during the storming of the Capitol building, Gateway Pundit, in joining the select group of publications exposing the suspicious nature of the events that took place on January 6, has released a video of what appears to be “black-clad military operatives” being the first to run up the stairs of the Capitol building ahead of its intrusion. Similar black-clad individuals have been appearing to partake in noticeably more violent activity than those around them in previous reports and videos. 

“New video shows these same black-clad military operatives were the first ones up the stairs at the US Capitol on Jan. 6. So why is the FBI not looking for these guys?”

The report raises serious questions pertaining to the revelation that undercover federal law enforcement was in fact embedded within the crowd of Trump supporters on the morning of and during the events that took place at the Capitol building on January 6. “So, just how many FBI informants and infiltrators were involved in the Jan. 6 riot? And why is the FBI refusing to look for two of the most violent protesters?” wrote Jim Hoft.

The report also details Bobby Powell’s viral video that exposed two likely FBI informants who were filmed “breaking windows, attacking the building, and even pushing people inside the US Capitol.” The following is a paragraph from the Gateway Pundit report:

Bobby was on the east side of the US Capitol on Jan. 6. He witnessed several men attacking the building. Bobby told OAN, “Two men I saw attacking the building, breaking windows, and even pushing people inside HAVE NOT been arrested. And they are not on the list of suspects being sought by the FBI. Now I provided the FBI with 29 minutes of high definition footage, 1080p, more than five months ago. Neither one of these men has been arrested. They are not in any of the 400+ indictments, I’ve checked them all. There’s not one frame of video not one still photograph on either of these men on the FBI’s webpage that ask people to give them tips on who the rioters were. The FBI’s YouTube channel or their Facebook page. They’re putting up all kinds of fuzzy pictures but they’re not putting up the HDI images that I sent them.”


National File has been thoroughly investigating the presence of undercover federal law enforcement being embedded within the pro-Trump crowd on January 6 as the federal government has largely remained quiet on the subject, possibly due to the revelation that “the agencies responsible may in fact be legally liable for the damages incurred during that day,” and that it would look “less like an innocent mistake and more like something sinister,” as was pointed out by Revolver News.

Earlier this week, National File obtained exclusive footage and photos of the assault on the doors of the Capitol building leading to the inaugural stage, depicting individuals who were potentially working alongside or for the FBI, local police, or federal law enforcement observing, instigating, and participating in the violence on January 6. One man, identified by a left wing activist as David Dempsey, who Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio told National File is not a member of the Proud Boys and was rejected for his history of violent acts, was captured on video appearing to assault law enforcement and kick a Trump supporter in the face after the Trump supporter tried to retrieve the pole used in the attack in an apparent attempt to curb violence.

National File exhaustively searched for any mention of Dempsey on the USA Today Capitol Hill riot arrest page, FBI and DOJ websites, and mainstream media sources, but was unable to find any information concerning any identification or warrants for his arrest over his potential violent activity at the Capitol six months ago, despite the ongoing nationwide federal dragnet effort to arrest, prosecute, and convict hundreds of supposed “insurrectionists” over the events that unfolded on January 6.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that Dempsey was arrested in October 2019 for spraying left wing protesters with bear repellent at a political rally in Santa Monica, California. He was charged with the prohibited use of a tear gas weapon, assault with a caustic chemical, accused of violating parole stemming from prior convictions, and held without bail pending a court appearance – potentially facing years of incarceration.

National File has now learned that Dempsey ultimately avoided incarceration entirely, as it was revealed that his criminal case was resolved on May 17, 2021, months after the events that took place on January 6. According to the Santa Monica Police Department, Dempsey “plead[ed] guilty to one felony count of 22810(g)(1) PC (unlawful use of a tear gas weapon) and was sentenced to two years on state prison (suspended), placed on formal probation, required to pay restitution (unknown amount) and perform 30 days of community service.”

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