Trump earned it: CBS had some bad news for CBS and the rest of the media.

 CBS had some bad news for CBS and the rest of the media. The Republican Party remains in Donald John Trump's hands because he earned it. Republicans overwhelmingly agree with him on the economy, on immigration, and on how to treat the media.

That is because Donald Trump showed Republicans how to do it and was successful.

3.5% unemployment.

Lowest flow of illegal aliens in decades.

And of course, Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany.

President Trump boosted his 2016 election vote total by 13 million, as he received 75 million votes in 2020, the most votes for any sitting president.

CBS reported, "Republicans say that Mr. Trump himself represents their views just as well as they think the party does; it's a personal connection to him we've seen for years. Today, loyalty also means they specifically want the party to follow more of the former president's examples across a range of items, including economics, issues of race and immigration, how to treat the media, using power and leadership, generally."

Far from being a cult of personality, the Republican Party is grounded in some very sound policies. Topping the list is building a strong economy -- making America great again.

What do Democrats offer? Pronouns, riots, and systemic racism.

Donald Trump was an ideas president. He offered Americans an alternative to the slow-winding downward spiral of socialism. He offered Americans their nation back from deep state fascists and never-ending war. He offered Americans a chance to keep Red China from overtaking our nation and dominating the world.

Covid 19, a biomedical weapon, may have stopped him, but that is one small setback. Republicans want Trumpism in which the middle class expands and flips a single digit salute to the media and other elitists.

DC Republicans acknowledged this when they ousted a deep-state plant from House leadership. We shall see in time if her successor is a convert to Republicanism or a female Paul Ryan.

Make no mistake, we will accept converts. Donald Trump may have been a late-comer to the pro-life movement but he got Planned Parenthood to defund itself when he was president. Christianity needed Paul as well as Peter.

CBS's poll shows there is substance to the party. That should shake the DC Establishment to its core.

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