The Evergreen Container Ship Gave Us a Clue as to Why Joe Biden Called Out Turkey's Armenian Genocide

 There was a very hidden reason why Joe Biden waited until Saturday April 24th to finally announce that Turkey is to be officially condemned for the World War I genocide of 1.5 million Armenians who were thrown out of Turkey by the then (Ottoman Empire) in 1915 and left to fend for themselves in the Syrian desert. The Ottoman authorities ordered the forced relocation of hundreds of thousands of Armenians to Syria, claiming that Armenian revolutionaries had been helping the Russians.

 The conditions of their forced march were so harsh that few could have survived, and raids by Kurdish and Turkish armed bands further lessened their chances. Many historians believe that secret orders were given to ensure that they perished.

 There is also a ‘hidden reason’ why Biden chose April 24th to make this announcement and the recent events involving the Ever Given container ship may hold a clue as to why the USA is calling out Turkey as a ‘public enemy’ all of a sudden. Bill Gates might have an answer for that question as well.

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