President Trump Blasts New Election Law — Slams Governor Kemp

 Trump’s latest given statement regarding the whole debate on the new Georgia election integrity law ended all dillemas…

“Georgia’s election reform law is far too weak and soft to ensure real ballot integrity!” Trump said. “Election Day is supposed to be Election Day, not Election Week or Election Month.”

“Far too many days are given to vote,” he continued. “Too much ‘mischief’ can happen during this very long period of time. You saw that in the 2020 Presidential Election. How’s Ruby Freeman doing?” he added.

“Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State should have eliminated no-excuse, widespread mass Mail-in Voting, gotten rid of the dangerous and insecure Drop-Boxes, and should have kept and EXPANDED Signature Verification to do matches against the historical voter file, among other things! Hope the RINOs are happy,” he continued.

“Kemp also caved to the radical left-wing woke mob who threatened to call him racist if he got rid of weekend voting,” Trump concluded. “Well, he kept it, and they still call him racist!”

This has become a huge deal, and the center of attention of American politics at the moment, after the big American companies, including Coca-Cola, the MLB, Delta Airlines, and similar 200 more huge American companies, have opposed the new law.


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