Navy Seal Michael Jaco: Robert David Steele Unleashes On The Intel Community, Child Trafficking & The Return of The Don! - Must Video


Thank you so much Michael, amazing interview as always!!! I have been following what Robert has been doing for years now. He helped me open my eyes to the horrible things that are happening to our children all around the world. So to see you two together just made my day. Thank you again.

Goodday Michael and Robert, This is brilliant. I wake up each morning and check the latest news on Telegram, You Tube and of course Warroom Pandemicc. Keep up the great work. I love your everyday updates. You give everyone who believes DJT is a true leader HOPE. I realise that the left wingers who ridicule you are the racist ones. I have no time for them at all. They are the ones who make you feel guilty due to their massive egos.


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