"Q" Original Team Member Is Dropping Bombs!! Your Jaw Is Going To Drop!! First Channel Purged In 3 Days!! See It B4 Too Late!!

 Whoever this person is, they are coming in gubs blazing!! And everything they have said thus far has checked out.  This is their newest video. They made a channel a week and a half ago and YouTube terminated it in 3 days!! 2 Videos and BOOM!! Now they are backand they did a recap of the 2 videos from the first channel and part 3 all in one video which is below the top video. I suggest watching both videos so it will piece together. This is the best thing since Fall Of The Cabal!! Don’t just take my word for it!! Check it out. And I sincerely feel this person is telling the truth!! At first I was skeptical, but they aren’t trying to get anything but help people!! And the first channel getting purged like that was crazy!! Let’s show these Social Media “Thought Police” that we aren’t fazed by their attempts to silence the Truth and Subscribe, leave a like, and a quick comment to do our part and help this person help us!! It confuses their algorithms and reverses the process!!!

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