Have Some Been Executed? Agent Margaritaville 911! Evergreen Containers! - Must Video


They have found drugs and humans (both adults and kids) in containers on the Clinton Foundation ships multiple times. The Clinton’s always cry they had nothing to do with it and they blames it on the ship’s crew and they always get off. Do you also remember an abortion doctor dying out in either Oregon or Washinton state who had a container full of all kinds of aborted babe parts stored at his home. They also tied the company he worked for to the Clinton Foundation. Remember when MI6 found pallets of USD cash in a container stored in a warehouse just outside of London. The warehouse was owned by middle east weapons dealer and then it came out that the warehouse was rented by the Clinton Foundation and the cash was tied to the Clintons. MI6 took the cash and then the Clintons wanted the money back. Then months later after HRC lost the 2016 election we hear the Queen is all of a sudden donating some $240 – $320 million to the Clinton Foundation via Canada and Truedau. This was after all the Clinton Foundation’s donations had all dried up after she lost the election. I suspect those pallets of cash found in the warehouse outside of London were probably connected to the same pallets of cash that Obama sent to Iran. The Clinton’s are heavily tied to containers and trafficking.

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