WATCH: As A ‘Protestor” Wearing All Black Makes His Way Through Capitol Building With The Help Of A Police Officer, Antifa Again?

 Suspicions are running high after the events of January 6th. Were the people breaking into the capitol building Trump Supporters? Or, were they Antifa Infiltrators?

Everyone knows Trump supporters don’t wear all black and vandalize property. 

After watching the video below I can’t help but wonder; who the hell are these people dressing in all black? They don’t look like one of ours.  

Why is the cameraman BEHIND the officer filming him?  >

How did this particular person get in there? 

Why didn’t this officer call for backup? 

I don’t know about all of you, but if I were a cop facing down an angry mob of people my first instinct would be to call for backup. 

The more of the video you watch; the more strange things you may start to notice, but you have to look carefully. 

Something just does not sit right about this whole thing…….

Take a look and decide for yourselves:   

100 Percent Fed Up had more details on the story: 

Yesterday, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) implored Americans to not fall for the mainstream media’s bait and rush to judgment about the events that transpired yesterday in D.C. He also warned that Antifa would be posing as Trump supporters as part of an “orchestrated Capitol attack.”

Before the mob entered the Capitol building, a large crowd of Trump supporters was captured on camera, as they booed the radical dressed all in black who can be seen breaking the windows. They demanded that he stop. “NO Antifa!” can be heard shouted by a woman in the crowd, as she shouted a warning, “Antifa’s breaking the windows!” Some of the Trump supporters in the video became physical with the radicals who refused to stop breaking the windows.

 Who were these people, all dressed in black that were breaking the Capitol windows as Trump supporters demanded they stop? Does the mainstream media have any curiosity at all about what really happened that day, or is it enough that President Trump is blamed for it and that the voter fraud issues in several states have all disappeared?

In a tweet, journalist Paul Sperry reported intel he received from a former FBI agent on the ground at the Capitol who told him that a busload of Antifa thugs had been dropped off at the rally.

The video below Sperry’s tweet, shared by “Sage + Honey,” could be very useful to anyone who truly cares about what happened in the Capitol building that day. 

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